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A new calaborative working web site is appearing. It is called Cahootify. That aim is to allow independent workers and to find work and those looking to buy in expertise to find it. They are also allowing the formation of teams of independents to come together to start new projects. This looks like a really quick way to get new products on to the market, a really exciting way to work.
The service goes live on the 1st July. At the moment they are raising first round funding. I have just offered to invest via Seedrs.

Business Cards

I finally got round to designing my business card. I’m using Vistaprint just because I have used them before, and know what to expect. I also had a previous design for a personal card that I could use as a template. I uploaded my design as PDFs for both sides. Their upload of PNG for the reverse produced a blurred image even though there was no scaling. That was not impressive. My Business Card.
Useful hint: The QR code on the back points to a redirect page. It’s better to do this than have it point direct to the home page. If you change your mind over what you want to be seen by users of the code you can change it without having to have a new batch of cards printed.

Company Logo

What do you think readers? The idea is to show a range from analogue to digital, which reflects modern radio architecture, part analogue at the antenna, and part digital at the other end of the chain. The boundary moves as technology progresses.