BSL provides seven types of service.

  • Product Definition

    Having a great idea about a new product is only the first step to having a product on the market. Even before the design starts you need to know exactly what it is you are designing. Fleshing out the details before detailed design starts will get you to market quicker and with with fewer respins than leaping in with a bottom-up design. BSL staff have a great deal of experience of bringing products to market so can help you with those details that can trip up and delay product introductions.

  • RF circuit design

    From LF to GHz and from through-hole to the latest production technologies, BSL can produce a design for you that is tailored to your needs and be production ready.
    Guidance can also be provided on RF testing in production.

  • Radio System Design

    Understanding the radio environment and the characteristics of the path between nodes of a communication system is hard. Defining the architecture of transmitters and receivers is a task requiring deep knowledge of radio circuits, signal processing algorithms, and the capabilities of modern CMOS processes.
    BSL can provide you with the necessary expertise for all these tasks.

  • Radio regulatory consultancy

    The regulatory approaches taken in Europe and the USA are very different. Staff at BSL have designed products for both of these markets and have experience of producing a unified specification that satisfies both markets. Low power devices operating in the license free and medical bands are a specialty.

  • Assistance in type approval testing

    This can often be a fraught period of the product cycle. Its usually at the end of taxing development phase and just before the launch onto the market. The pressure is on to get the product out there to reap the rewards necessary to repay the costs of development phase. This is where you really need the kind of experience offered her to get your product to market with the minimum of fuss.

  • Expert Witness

    Need someone to explain radio energy absorption in the human body and the way radio field strength decays with distance from the antenna? I can provide that service based on my many years experience as a radio systems engineer. Message reliability an issue? I can help by explaining the probabilistic nature of errors in radio messages and the standard ways to minimise these.

  • Dynamic systems modeling

    The skills of complex system modeling developed in the radio arena have wider uses. The mathematical modeling tools used for multiphisics simulation require expertise to use effectively. BSL Staff have that expertise.